Key Actions

  1. Keep your Sales Manual up to date.
  2. Track progress of each person’s goals and w.i.p.
  3. Focus training on specific opens, objection handles and closes relevant to your products.
  4. Run weekly reviews and sales trainings every Monday morning.
  5. Coach and mentor everyone weekly.

Sales Training
You must train regularly via zoom. It is also valuable occasionally to have sales trainings as a part of an away weekend somewhere attractive. There will be a cost of this but as IBOs they really expect to pay their own travel/accommodation. Bringing people together like this can have substantive advantages with real, ideas, learning, collaboration, and retention.

Get each IBO to invest in themselves.
Depending on their preferred communication style, encourage each salesperson to read a sales book, watch a YouTube video, listen to a podcast regularly. Rather than leave it to them, suggest a book/video/podcast of the month and cover it in your trainings.  Recommend to them that they record their learnings in a notebook. Tell them to start each day with just 10 minutes of listening to a great success and what they have to say on YouTube. All free. This will enable the team to continuously learn, grow, develop, and most importantly be constantly fired up. You must also regularly send positive ideas, tips, quotes on whatsapp messages. All this investment has been shown to increase and maintain productivity levels.

Sales teams need to be equipped with new skills and behaviours to use virtual meetings. In theory everything that can be done on a physical meeting can be done on a zoom meeting. This is not true.

  • Harder to develop a strong sense of rapport, trust, and credibility.
  • Less likely for prospects to discuss confidential matters.
  • Inability to see, feel and hear through a visit the company real culture and values.
  • Harder to close. As prospects can get rid of you a lot easier.
  • Harder to involve all decision maker and influencers in the decision to buy.

So, we still recommend gaining physical visits when the deal is large enough and relationship is important.  Of course, building a team of IBOs allows you to recruit in any location where your prospects are without infrastructure costs.

The other side of this is that all these virtual meeting do have certain benefits.

  • Time efficiency. No travel time and costs.
  • Multiple meeting in same day.
  • Reach any location or multiple prospects in different locations.

So, you also need to up the level of your sales training and coaching. Secondly you need to add to your training specific techniques and tips for selling (Opening, objection handling, follow up and closing) remotely.  There are specific methodologies that work online and should be utilised depending on your products.

Selling remotely makes it more difficult to connect on a personal level
Research suggests that when we communicate the relative influence of each aspect is of follows:

  • 7% spoken words
  • 38% tone of voice
  • 55% body language

So, words alone even of spoken with an upbeat passionate tonality are still less than halfway. Zoom goes some way to include body language but a long way from the 55%. Therefore, sales visits are still very influential .  The other way is looking at this if your sales re now more on telephone and zoom you need better trained and skilled salespeople.

Despite this challenge research also clearly shows that remote work is a lot more productive  when manager properly. Imagine the day of a field salesperson, driving from prospect to prospect, waiting in lobbies, getting coffees, walking in and out of meeting rooms, … It is a lot of time lost. Imagine switching to remote sales and staying in the same place. Suddenly you can multiply the number of one-hour meetings you can have in a day.

Be as personable as possible
When people meet you through a screen, make sure you show the human being behind that screen. Create a personal connection.

Organize weekly sales pipeline reviews at the start or end of sales trainings.

This has a few advantages:

  • You can align on the next steps that should be taken with prospects.
  • You can run through the pipeline and make sure it is all up to date. You might change the stage, probability, or value of an opportunity. Or get it out of the way if it is not relevant anymore. This will result in a better overview and better revenue forecasts.
  • If there are any other issues, these can be identified and discussed.
  • You monitor activity level and focus.

Why is IBO Sales Coaching Important?
IBO Sales Coaching helps improve performance and keeps IBOs engaged outside of a team supportive environment. Without regular contact they can quickly become dissatisfied, demotivated, and unproductive. If there are any issues it is always better to learn of them early.

Get regular feedback
Some have difficulty adjusting to both self-employment and remote work whilst taking on a new company and products. Many have done both before but not all.

Providing a regular one to one space to talk is key to getting feedback. Knowing early on any issues requires only small adjustment.