Key Actions

  1. Monitor motivation levels regularly and keep them energised.
  2. Keep your Sales Manual up to date and online.
  3. Get each person to set personal goals.
  4. Emphasise how hard it is at first to learn the business and build a pipeline before the great regards start to flow.
  5. Run weekly Monday sales trainings on zoom.
  6. Agree the w.i.p by which they will build success.
  7. Keep accurate records.
  8. Schedule weekly calls for sales pipeline reviews and calls for sales coaching and monthly performance reviews.
  9. Provide any necessary training and support via an online website.
  10. Build a positive and supportive sales culture.

How do you Manage an IBO Sales Team?
Accountability is important for IBOs as they need to be directed and focused on  what works from the outset. In an office they compete and learn from and with other sales people and have a Sales Manager motivating, guiding, pushing and teaching.  Remotes have their own business and must be treated as such. It is like a franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Write Your Own Sales Manual
It is an essential point of reference and record of best practice. This must be on an online website together with multi-media, especially videos. You must document what the best practices are in sales within your Company. Once you have documented your best practices you can roll it out as part of your IBO training programme.

Your Sales Manual will be a step-by-step guide to how to sell your products. It should include all your systems, process, content, pricing and negotiation policy, performance management, sales tips, personal goals, coaching, opening, objection handles and closes. In addition,  it provides everything you need to On-board new IBOs.

Manage Sales Activities
You must keep track of your sales people’s activities. This is especially important as you cannot see what your IBOs are working on. You will not have the opportunity to coach your people as regularly or effectively as in a shared office. So, it is vital to use the right technology that makes it easier for you to manage your team.

Managing Time Usage
It is also vital that your IBOs allocate and spend their time on the right opportunities. There is no point in getting distracted and spending excessive time on leads that are too small or have a low probability of conversion. You must know exactly what they are doing to be bel to track and advise.

Create a sales board for all to see.
Keep an online spreadsheet of updated information which you can use for weekly sales meetings and individual coaching.  Work in progress represents small achievable steps toward the goal. Record numbers of:

  • Sales calls
  • Connections increased on Linkedin.
  • Proposals out.
  • Zoom appointments
  • Personal client visits
  • Conversions
  • Referrals from existing clients

They will see the wip of the fellow IBOs and compete. They can exchange with each other what works and what does not. What markets are looking good, etc.

We at Success Moves for our sales team use Zoom and record every sales meeting. We then publish them on the internal training website which we use as our training manual. This site has various sales training and coaching exercises for you to use which is constantly updated. If there is something on a specific topic or challenge you want, tell us, and we will help.