Key Actions

  1. ‘Pull the triggers’ for positive energy.
  2. Be aware of and counter negative triggers.
  3. Have a book or video of the month.
  4. Encourage personal development.
  5. Be sensitive to any issues affecting motivation.
  6. Be an inspiration.
  7. Recognise and praise every small step towards the goal.

All Sales Managers know that sales professionals however experienced and talented tend to perform in waves.  What causes these waves is how they feel psychologically at any point.  When they are in a positive mood, confident, full of energy, have passion for their products etc they perform at 100%. Even a slight change in that, then productivity drops.  In an office it can be spotted quickly by a good Manager who can take action. Colleagues also motivate, inspire, and support each other. Competing and hearing positives calls around them, with fast moving salespeople also fires everyone up. In the office you control their environment. Remote the Sales leader must be even more skilled and in touch.

There are all sorts of triggers that can both fire us up and the opposite.

Triggers to erode 100% positivity can be.

  1. A series of rejections.
  2. A deal going wrong.
  3. Any bad news
  4. Catching a cold
  5. Hearing of a friend who has hit hard times.
  6. Not sleeping well
  7. Lacking physical fitness
  8. Alcohol or drugs
  9. Someone close challenging our beliefs and passion for what we are doing.

Triggers to increase towards 100% positivity can be.

  1. A deal closing nicely.
  2. Winning a competition.
  3. Booking a holiday
  4. A long weekend breaks.
  5. Being top performer
  6. Achieving a goal.
  7. Encouragement from those around where we work.
  8. Watching a positive video on YouTube
  9. Reading a motivational book.
  10. Using NLP techniques.

Most of these triggers you cannot control.  You can control those that you ‘pull’ yourself so do so daily.  Remote teams you will not probably even know a trigger has been pulled on one of your team.  Therefore, we ensure each day starts off on a positive. It only takes 10 Minutes daily.

This site has a wealth of fun fire up exercises for you. You can add many of your own to this. Or just have an open zoom and play any short video from YouTube, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone anyone you and they like.  Finish with what do you guys think of what he just said?  You have forced them to focus on the positive and all the great successes inspire and motivate. Ensure each day starts at 100%. And whatever happens through the day you are back at 100% to start the next day.

For long term high and consistent productivity, make sure you have goals setting sessions with your people.  But these daily fire ups are essential and have proven to be effective. They help your self-employed sales associates focus and discipline themselves towards their goals.