Prospecting remotely, you need to guard against low activity levels of your sales team. As we all know, although you need quality of approach, it is really a numbers game.  We have found that remote self-employed people, certainly in the first quarter, are greatly assisted by a simple self-monitoring and targeting system. It helps them to focus and improve.

As an ideal an IBO should make 100 “Touch Points” per day. No more, as this suggests low quality touches!  You will find without this they will think they are busy and working hard but their performance is a small percentage of what it needs to be. This is for two reasons. Firstly, we all have a natural tendency to focus on what is most interesting. Secondly, we are all used to being employees and doing what needs to be done because a boss was directing us, who is now themselves.

We have designed a simple form that you and they can download below and adapt. Then either printout daily copies or open a desktop folder. All you need to do is get each IBO to.

  1. Set an easy starting daily target, say 50 ‘touches’.
  2. Tick the form each time they make a contact.
  3. Set a personal target before a break. For example, I do 25 then have a tea break, 50 then have lunch, 75 Afternoon Tea and 100 finish. *
  4. Total the whole day points. Then they consider increasing their daily goal just by 5 at a time. Total the cumulative as this is a key asset that they are building.
  5. Text you at end of each day the number with a short note. This will help you guide and support.

*This is simple but effective Pavlovic conditioning. Rewarding yourself for a result is a technique used by the highest performing self-employed sales people. 

This system will

  1. Give you and them daily feedback on productivity.
  2. Focus on what is important. Anything not communicating is not productive.
  3. Quickly build many prospect communications. This means in subsequent weeks and months they will find receive an increasing number of incoming messages.

In every type of selling, in every sector, this system works. If a sales person consistently makes many contacts, they accumulate fast and any of these could order at any time. They can warm them up having made first contact, moving fast to focusing on dealing with warm and hot contacts.

Please remind them that it is essential to optimise their Linkedin profile. All these touch point’s first port of call will be there. It is the sales pitch. Get it right and they will rapidly find that incoming messages replace outgoing. Important to put a tick on any incoming as well. Not spam but anything related to a sale from a prospect.

At the end of each day ask them to text your sales leader with their figure and a brief note to keep them fully informed of what is happening.  When they have first deals and first three months behind them, they will find that their focus moves more to closing and other higher-level activities. Prospecting for many sales people is the most boring part of sales work. They need your help to use this to motivate themselves to get it done and over with.

Download the form here.