Key Actions

  1. Give out leads to those that earn them.
  2. Give out leads to those you know will close them.
  3. Prepare pre-written paste ins for Linkedin personal profiles.
  4. Consider a separate prospecting team.
  5. Have a clear lead generation and marketing plan.
  6. Talk to your Account Manager for help and advice.

Lead Generation is expensive on new people as they are inexperienced and will burn those leads very quickly. So, you will need to put a system in place where they are earnt.  This can be as simple as for every two leads you get, we will give you one. The advent of social media has meant now that companies buy from individuals, and it is that personal contact that is key.

For some companies leads are not an issue. If you take products like, payment terminals, web pages, digital marketing, utilities then every company is a prospect.  You may have a closely defined niche in a sector and/or contact point. Online resources especially Linkedin make tracking business leads quite straightforward for many.

Now there are many resources you can provide to help your IBOs generate leads. It varies on industry. Please note that we have special arrangements with providers of all digital marketing services. So please contact Success Moves for support.

Anyone doing B2B sales needs to take Linkedin very seriously. You must tell your sales people to set up their personal page. Provide some pre-written content for them to get it done immediately. Also tell them the basics on how to compose their profile. You also will need a corporate page.

An often missed resource on Linkedin is groups. They give you immediate access to all the members and can be exactly your ideal profile of target clients.

Online directories.
Many professional associations keep a full list of members and their contact details on their website. It amazes us how many sales people are unaware of such high quality free resources.

Digital Marketing
We recommend you consider setting up a landing page, funnels, chatbots, newsletter and personalised database for your IBOs. Do so though after the first deal when they are truly confident, proven and committed to build for the long term. We strongly recommend that if you have not got your own digital marketing provider and prefer to DIY use For around £40 per month, you can have a long list of software with easy and quick teach yourself instruction.

On Builderall there is also a database which will record all sign ups on the landing page and can be used to schedule regular emails. This is a must to make sure no follow up is ever missed. You can also easily design and have a chatbot produced in about an hour. This can again be personalised if you have individual webpages for each IBO.

A Dedicated Prospecting Team.
Sometimes sales people are not effective at generating leads, prospecting, and warming up new contacts. In t his case you can have a separate team of ‘openers’. Only pass the leads to experienced closers as the openers will want to know that they have a good chance of being closed.

If you need help with Lead Generation talk to your Account Manager. We also have a special deal with Visualytes, also a client, who offer special terms to Success Moves customers.