Key Actions

  1. Both parties sign the self-employed contract. This must have their bank account details on.
  2. Set them up with an email account.
  3. Get them to add branded lines, website etc to their email signature.
  4. Brief them on updating their Linkedin. To save delay have some paste in paragraphs/headings ready that are appropriate.
  5. Advise them on who to speak to with any IT or related challenges but not use your staff for routine issues that can be googled and sorted simply.
  6. Get each person to set personal goals. This should be covered in the sales manual.
  7. Emphasise how hard it is at first to learn the business and build a pipeline before the great rewards start to flow.
  8. Advise them on times and days for training and coaching.

Getting your salespeople to keep recording their sales activities in a CRM or simple spreadsheet is important in a remote team. Tell them that this is where commission fees are calculated from and who owns what customer and prospect. First in the CRM owns. It also enables you to cover them in any absence.

Organize your meetings & process with maximum efficiency
The best way to fix that is set up daily habits. Once these habits are in place, they will find it way easier to stay on track. Tell them to focus on following up x customers per day, placing x calls, creating x new opportunities. Use Calendly the meeting scheduler. It takes away so much of the email traffic if you are scheduling a lot of meetings.

Set clear goals
Setting clear goals is essential to any success. This makes sure that your salespeople know exactly what is expected of them. It will get them competing with self and others. Set small stepping stone goals towards the ultimate goal. Small steps are easier to focus on as not to far ahead.

  • leads generated.
  • calls made.
  • emails sent.
  • follow ups.
  • meetings scheduled.
  • meetings concluded.