Key Actions

  1. Read and/or watch the videos on this whole section. Understand what must be done in terms of leading, managing, motivating, and supporting IBOs* to be consistently successful.
  2. Have a clear sales leader responsible and available to all your IBOs.
  3. Decide if a separate prospecting team (Openers)is appropriate for you.
  4. Design and run an onboarding process. Get emails and contracts etc sorted immediately.
  5. Design and make available on an IBO dedicated web platform a Sales Manual, incorporating a personal goal sheet and FAQs section.
  6. Start new people fast and furious from the first hour to set up expectations, attitudes, and work patterns. Set them daily challenges and text you at end of the day for feedback until first deal.
  7. Run daily 10-minute Sales Fire Ups with the whole team on zoom.
  8. Hold weekly sales trainings.
  9. Make individual coaching compulsory until first deal with weekly one to one sessions.
  10. Run quarterly longer training events at a physical location.
  11. Teach the CRM system to record leads and tell them it is essential for commission fees and securing customer/prospects in their name.
  12. When appropriate and as reward offer lead generation support
  13. Call your Success Moves Account Manager if you need help. Tell your IBOs they can contact us directly for coaching or advice.

*Independent Business Owners, self-employed salespeople we call IBOs.

How to Effectively Lead, Manage and Motivate an IBO Sales Team
IBOs need leaders, especially until their first deal. From then on, they can be developed as leaders themselves, duplicating the good example you have shown them. You need to lead the IBOs closely by an experienced sales professional not a technical person. Such a person lacks the sales leadership skills and will always be dragged away to deal with specific company and customer issues. If such a person is not present you have two alternatives.

  1. Recruit someone to join the team from day one as a team sales coach. They must be selling your products and leading from the front.
  2. Cover this with our help until a natural leader emerges from your new people.

Making use of a remote sales workforce requires planning, thought and infrastructure. They are self-employed and own their own business and must be respected as such.  Initially though they will need lots of guidance, training, encouragement, goals setting, confidence building, nurturing, accountability, support, and attention. Share with them what works in your business. Rapidly from there they will need less, and less support and their pipeline, productivity and income will grow month by month.

You need to decide if you need a separate prospecting team is appropriate for your business. These are often different skills to closing. Also, prospecting can be used to train people in your business without the complexities of closing which they will burn leads initially, even if experienced.