Module 1:  Introduction to being a Sales Professional (SP)



To provide a summary of the unique selling points of your business, its market and international high growth ambitions. Also to outline the basic selling process.

  Candidates will understand and appreciate the relevance to their business of. Method and Resources Activity and Assessment Manager Sign
1. ‘Increasing Revenue.’  Market size, potential. SWOT. Interactive Talk Attend Session  
2. What determines sales success?      
3. Your Personal Goal      
4. What are we Selling? Features. Lecture List selling features.  
5. What are we Selling? Benefits of what we offer. Interactive Talk Write benefit next to feature.  
6.  What are we Selling? Matching Benefits to Needs. Lecture Role Play on benefit matching.  
7. What makes for a good SA business?
Rapport, Trust, Qualifying, Honesty, Firing them Up, Visits to Conversions.
Lecture Full Opening role play  
8. What makes a Good Closer?
Assertive, Strong, Client Best Interest Never, Never Never give up.
Talk Full closing role play.  
9. Confidence to progress. Talk Group Exercise  
10. Only go for TOP+ customers
Thinking differently to achieve this goal.
Talk Group exercise  
11. Relationship Selling. Talk Attend Session  

Task or Other Activity to be Completed.


a)      Satisfactory attendance on training course.
b)      Satisfactory participation in discussion on ‘10 Principles of Best Practice’.
c)      Short written test/quiz on sector knowledge.

Module 1 SP Certification completed to satisfaction

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Module 1 Handout:  Introduction to Sales

Principles of Best Practice 

1.  The most successful sales people in your industry are the ones with the most desire and determination to succeed and make a lot of money.

2. High earning professionals are strong and assertive and lead and control the conversation with their prospects.

3. Scripts must be learnt thoroughly so that on a call all attention is on the prospect.

4. You must always sound excited, enthusiastic and passionate about your offer.

5. Strike while the iron is hot. Agreements to ring back will cool down the prospects interest in your offer.

6. All your prospective customers are being called daily about all sorts of things. Once you get hold of a prospect, make sure he is yours.

7.  Whatever a prospects says is of value to you.

8. Ambitious companies want to progress. You offer a solution. They need to talk to you. Why would anyone not want that?

9.  Take action now, don’t think about it, discuss it, do it. Urgency gets goals achieved and moves you to the next one.

10. If you divide the total income from an average customer over time, by the success rate on client calls, you will find out the following. Every call you make is worth between £5- £115!

11. Some will, some won’t, so what, next!