If you need to create or develop a sales training programme it can be a daunting task. We have designed a program complete with exercises freely available in this section. Please feel free to use it but recognise Success Moves Training as the publishers.

Sales whatever the industry sector or role usually includes all the main skills areas. Some might not be appropriate for you. For example, face to face selling can be omitted for a telesales team. The structure of the course is all here. It is also written in tutor friendly format so as to structure professionally to teaching standards. Useful for current staff or new candidates.

These modules we run ourselves for our recruitment clients where we place people and take an ongoing fee linked to their success. For this as well as recruit we provide ongoing training and coaching. We thus believe in it, because if it works we get paid more if it doesn’t we don’t get paid at all!

We have seen time and time again that 5 well trained and coached professionals can outperform 20 equally talented and hard working but not receiving training and coaching. So why not train and coach all 20 to peak performance? In a competitive economy your sales team have to beat competition. Often very small differences can make £100,000 of difference!

This is all free training for you to download (Our full book Advanced Selling for Beginners) is on this site. Use our videos, use our training exercises.

We also run occasionally free live trainings usually in Gatwick, London. When this happens it is prominent on this site, so why not bookmark us and have a look as we are also continually adding resources. Please also look at success moves candidates for other services.

Any question or comments feel or if you want to involve us directly in your internal training please email me on alex@successmoves.co.uk or phone 07525916574.

Our Sales Training Program Overview

Sales training has the advantage over other training’s that the results can be measured with relative ease. That is why the The Success Moves Partnership with its sales clients developed the partnership contract charging fees based upon performance.

We have many proven resources to deliver results and have been particularly good in developing new entrants to sales quickly. This in itself has led to more companies willing to take on younger staff looking for their first or second job.

The two certificated programmes are based upon the book “Advanced Selling for Beginners” by Alex McMillan, one of seven business books. 

1-8 Sales Associate Certificate

9-20 Senior Sales Associate Certificate

The following two certificate programmes are designed to provide the best practice skills necessary to become successful as a Sales professional.  The first 8 Modules are designed for those new to the profession. The second programme is for those who have passed the basic certification or have extensive sales experience. It will focus on closing, upselling and personal development aspects to increase performance.  There will be advanced language patterns from NLP and other communication technologies also taught.

Each delegate on our programme will receive a training manual; this will include the details of each module. The modules have to be ticked off the attendance and satisfactory participation. There will also be a second column where the Manager will verify that practical application of these skills has been evidenced. Internal Managers wishing to run the program will be supported by ongoing coaching and mentoring to help them achieve their goals with their sales staff.

1. Introduction to being a Sales professional
2. Peak Performance
3. Rapport, Trust, Credibility
4. Opening Questions and Qualifying
5 Listening and using what they say
6. Spinning and Objection Handling
7 Decision Making Styles and Closing
8 Putting it all together
9 Leadership and Control
10 Managing Personal Mood
11 Managing Prospect Mood
12 Objection Handling
13 Strong Closes and Decision Making Patterns
14 Upselling
15 NLP to Increase Sales 1
16 NLP to Increase Sales 2
17 NLP to Increase Sales 3
18 NLP to Increase Sales 4
19 NLP to Increase Sales 5
20 Putting it all together

Sales Associate Development Programme
This document outlines the 20 modules to be worked through.  Each module has to be passed.  Specific assessment criteria are stated for each one. Following completion of both SA Certification and Senior SA Certification there will be ongoing training, coaching and mentoring of a very advanced nature to produce exceptionally high income.

Each assessment objective follows the S.M.A.R.T. system for objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).

The modules are delivered using a variety of mainly online training methods and resources (webinar, teleclass, call analysis and report, PowerPoint, mentoring, video). Assignments will also be varied, written test, practical demonstration and achievement, and completion of end of week Reflection Sheets.

The manual/log book contains the facility for the ‘verification’ by a Manager of each module. It is divided into sections for each module so that handouts, notes taken and any assignment work can be stored and used for reference.  This will be kept online.

A ‘Reflective Learning Journal’ (supplied) should be completed at the end of each week until you have completed the programme.  Their purpose is to learn by self evaluation and encourages continual personal career and skill development.  They will also help your Manager assist you further.