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Teach to Sell, Don’t Tell

Training is only of value when your sales people learn AND apply what they have learnt.

Learning is as big a subject as sales. Yes, you might have the experience in the job but what do you know about learning and teaching. Telling isn’t selling and certainly isn’t teaching. Good sales training is when you have a student acquire a new skill which is not limited to your ability and then watch them close a deal using it. People have different learning styles, methods, speeds. Teaching one person, you can know them and teach according to their learnings preferences or train them into changing learning styles to match what is being taught. A group though is a whole new dynamic. That is why teachers do degrees on the subject before they are let loose in a classroom.

So, what is your induction training plan for new sales staff? Is it effective? What do you do to establish and react to their learning styles? Or are you just a ‘lecturer’ and just tell them the information. Teach to Sell don’t Tell, in order to build a high performance sales team.
Be wary of ex sales people ‘having a go’ as a freelance sales trainer. Ask them the above questions and see if they impress you with the answer. Then ask them if they will do a deal based on results rather than a day rate.

On this website are resources to sales train your own people. We are putting a full beginners, intermediate and advance programme on shortly. We will be adding Trainer Notes to get the best out of your sales staff. All free resources.

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