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How Generalisations can Expand or Limit Us

The Generalisations we and other people make will in some ways support us and them. However, they will also limit our choices and have detrimental effects.  Consider both these effects in your current daily communications.

EXAMPLE 1:       My boss is extremely busy all of the time.

Enhancing –  Leads you to other sources of help and advice, including your own resources.
Limiting – A potential source of advice is lost, as well as rapport and team communication.

EXAMPLE 2:         We’ve always done it like this.

Enhancing – You feel at home with a tried and tested system.
Limiting – You never find new, possibly better/quicker/easier ways.

EXAMPLE 3:           America is a violent country.

Enhancing –  You pick holiday locations carefully.
Limiting –  You never go and remain ignorant of all of the extremely peaceful and beautiful places in America.

Now Your Turn:

Think of a situation which took place this week.  Then think of a  generalisation you made, and establish in what way it supported you and in what way it held you back.



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