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NLP Fast Phobia Cure

It is so easy to take control of our minds and therefore our results.  Sometimes all we need is to be told a simple technique and that will quantum leap our progress.  One such example of how profoundly and quickly this can happen is the famous NLP Fast Phobia Cure.  It is all a simple matter of how we write our internal programmes.  All we have to do is make some slight enhancements with the software.  Well, here it is.

1. Have your staff member find their greatest fear in life.

2.  Have them walk into an ‘imaginary movie theatre’ of their mind and sit down in the centre of the front row.

3. Have them float up out of their body and gently settle in a comfortable seat in the balcony, so they can watch themselves watching the screen.

4. Have them put the very beginning of their greatest fear on the screen in the form of a coloured slide.  Have them run the movie of their greatest fear all way to the end, as they remain in the balcony watching themselves in the front seat watching themselves on the screen.  (This double dissociation will weaken any emotional effect to enable them to make the changes without re feeling the negative experience.)

5. At the end of the movie, freeze the frame into a slide.  Change the picture to black and white and then re-associate fully into the picture on the screen (“walk into the movie”).  Run the associated movie backwards at triple speed or faster, with circus or cartoon music playing, and have them freeze-frame the image when they get back to the beginning of the movie.

6. Have them walk out of the still picture and sit back down in the centre of the front row of the theatre.  Then have them white-out the entire screen.

7. Repeat steps #3-6 as necessary.  Test for phobic response after each time through

Reinforce with plenty of presuppositions about how they can now live without the fear.

Sorted.  Now what else could you change for the better?

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