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Module 20: Putting it all Together

Integrating all the skills of the Advanced Certification Programme in a professional, flexible, effective and productive way and how candidates benefited.

  Delegates will understand and have basic competency applying. Methods and Resources Activity and Assessment Manager Sign
1. Open Questions on every aspect of the job. Question led talk Participate in discussion  
2. Integration role–plays on all aspects of broking. Role Plays and Exercises Participate in activities  

Task or Other Activity to be Completed.

a)      Satisfactory attendance on training course.

b)      Satisfactory participation in discussion on ‘10 Principles of Best Practice’.

c)      Manager verification of attaining required standard in each task.

d)     Audit of live call showing all Senior Associate Level competency.

Module completed to satisfaction

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Module 20 Handout:  Putting It All Together
Principles of Best Practice


1. Stay hungry, stay foolish.” Steve Jobs

2. If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians.” Warren Buffett

3.  Whatever you achieved last week you can go one better this week if you learnt from the experience.

4. Every one you call is a buyer, the question is with whom.

5.  Having great skills does not deliver results, action on those skills does.

6. There is zero between a £1,000 and a £10,000 deal.

7. Focus is the secret of success and Focus means one thing. So make sure you focus on the one best thing.

8. Strong rapport, trust and credibility produces a prospective buyer telling you their full details and giving your number to their friends.

9. Money is the only measure of success.

10. Whatever any other sales person can say and do, so can you. So there is no reason why you cannot be the top.