Material by topic to use in your internal sales training.

It is back up to our basic and advanced modular sales certification and our Train the Trainer programmes for our clients. Valuable resources to increase sales.

We recommend that every day a sales office starts with a training however short. It helps motivate, focus and fire up everyone and clarifies the daily goals. This can be as little as 15 minutes for which we have specific exercises with guidance that you can deliver. You can also work through the certification programmes and we will come in to test and certificate those that have attended the courses and reached the practical results targets to qualify them. We then will issue certificates. These are recognition of achievement are also dependent on reaching sales goals and have been found to be very motivational. Senior positions in your company can be made dependent on achieving them.

As part of our Train The Trainer we will coach you on accelerating learning and delivery of these sessions in addition to guidance on helping you get the most out of our teams. Exercises, downloads and videos are available on this site.

Payment Basis:
All materials on this site are free to use as long as Success Moves Training is recognised as owner of the intellectual property. They are not available for resale.

For clients on our Sales Consultancy Programme the investment in trainers and coaches backing up these materials is already paid for in the percentage monthly performance fee on your results. Clients on fixed monthly fees may or may not have this included in their contract.

Those not on contract can buy both our Train The Trainer programmes or employ us directly to deliver the certification programmes or have your staff coached in the delivery.

Please also note through Success Moves Spain we run weekend motivational programmes in Marbella bespoke to your needs.