Key Actions

  1. Establish your Sales Leader. Ensure he is fully briefed and referred to this website and guidance section.
  2. Be there for your IBOs when needed.
  3. Run regular events for new people.
  4. Communicate your vision for the company and their part in it.
  5. Communicate all the USPs and market potential of your products.
  6. Know the personal goals of each person.
  7. Show passion, belief, positive energy literally all the time. It will fire them up more than any other influence.
  8. Be strong and decisive.
  9. Set clear expectations and targets. So that they can focus.
  10. Establish a daily work routine from day one.

Given the nature of sales, IBOs being remote and self-employed, may quickly become frustrated unless they are kept busy focused on building a pipeline. They need to be onboarded, trained, goal focused, targeted, directed daily for the first 3 months.  This is a very vulnerable period as they build up their pipeline and deal with early rejection without the confidence of some deals behind them.

‘Leadership is the ability to influence others toward a clear focused shared vision and communicating the steps to that goal. To achieve this, you must have clarity on the company goals and dovetail them with their personal goals.

Leaders need the practical ability to turn vision into reality. And it must be a vision that everyone buys into and benefits from. They will sell products in your company because they bought into it. You must achieve the stepping stones towards that ultimate goal.

As a recruiter for 40 years, I can tell you that in all professions at all levels the main driver for people to leave jobs is the same. Lack of quality leadership. For leading a team of remote sales associates, this is more important. They are taking a big risk investing in you.  You must earn their trust and respect. IBOs are strong and confident, they will leave if you fail to show strong leadership. Honesty and integrity are important as soon as doubts creep in you will have a tough battle to regain it.

Being a good listener is essential. A leader that can listen and encourage frank talk will be highly informed of what is happening, what could happen and options on actions to take. When you are working remotely, it is hard to get immediate feedback, or to stroll over to someone’s desk to relay new information or just chat. Good communication is the key to success for any remote team.

Keep your team updated
Regular updates will keep your remote sales team engaged. You will have to decide the frequency of these updates, but it will be more than what it was in the office. Make your updates about more than just sales numbers. Include important updates from the company, its vision and what else is happening. Much of this content as well as motivating them will be useful content for them to sell your products.

Get everyone on video
Zoom is among the best and easiest ways to stay connected among remote teams. In fact, many companies that have recently shifted to remote work have felt the unexpected benefit of breaking down emotional barriers and giving colleagues and clients a view into each other’s lives at home. A zoom sales training every Monday morning is the answer.

Establish a daily work routine – and stick with it
A routine with regularly scheduled events will help keep your team on the same timetable while ensuring that you get to see or hear each other at regular intervals. It could be a simple as targeting 100 touch points per day. Set daily goals with their agreement.

Create knowledge sharing opportunities
Your remote sales associates are on the front lines. Everyone has an insight to share and a story to tell that will help others sell. Set up brief knowledge sharing sessions led by each of your team members in rotation. These sessions need not exceed 5-10 minutes, but it is a great way to get everyone together and spread individual knowledge.

Offer training opportunities
Professionals need to keep learning to stay sharp and on top of the latest market trends. Success Moves has numerous resources on this site for you to use to train your team. We also have experts that will listen to your specific challenges and market situation and advise on what you should best be doing.

Recognize great work
The same as always, but now it needs to be done with the whole team present on a Zoom conference.

Assist your team with time management
Providing your remote sales team with tools, tips, and training to help them manage their time better is a great motivator. Encourage them to use the resources on this site and the direct interaction they can have with the Success Moves experts.

You need to suggest daily and weekly works schedules and target. Let the system manage their time rather than depending on their self-discipline. It helps to change ‘busy’ to ‘productive’.

CEO Monthly 5-minute Report-Ask-me-anything
The CEO on a regular basis reports what is happening in the company. All this news fires up the team and give them material to use in their sales pitches.  These meetings are held periodically, where any associate can ask any question. Having this open dialogue about what is going on can help productivity.

People-related ways to keep your remote sales team engaged
Now we get to the more fun aspects of keeping IBOs engaged. Your team members have professional goals, but they are also people with personal wants and needs. And one of the most basic human needs is the need to belong to a community, group, or team. Ensure they do.

Communicate the Company’s Vision regularly
Until the first deal, your sales team will be feeling extremely nervous and worried about their future. It is imperative that you remind them all the company’s mission, vision, and objective and explain how each one of them has a valuable business in line to benefit.

Build Trust
Trust is built up in a team over time. When you are not spending the day in the same physical office, it takes longer. Over-communicate – send updates on a regular basis, respond to messages promptly, and be available at important times.

Implement Processes
Processes are essential to implement when managing a remote sales team. Good processes provide the structure and direction for getting work done, especially when remote sales teams are spread across time zones. Procedures on lead generation, how to do a demo, negotiate, and close a deal and customer success are all critical to make a remote sales team successful.

But how do you get your salespeople to actually follow those processes? Do not just keep a shared folder and expect people to read and implement them. Teach them, insist on them until they are habitual, make payments linked to them.

Accountability and Monitoring
One process that many successful remote teams follow is to set up an accountability routine. Once a week, all team members post an update on what leads they would be following up next week and what targets they have already met.

Share Accomplishments and Provide Support
Hold a weekly video call to share accomplishments – how someone closed a tough deal is great teaching. We draw our motivation from others. The more accomplishments you share, the more enthused each salesperson will feel to deliver big wins.

Regular meetings not only stimulate people, they are also great for brainstorming about strategies or complex sales challenges. Do not let people face those challenges on their own. Create an atmosphere where people can find help and support whenever they need.

Hold Meetups
Quarterly meetups or annual get-togethers are also great for building cohesion and relationships among remote workers. These social connections will not only promote positive vibes among team members but also combat workplace loneliness.

Set Clear Expectations
When your sales team knows what is expected from them, they are more likely to deliver. And agreeing on specific goals gives you a framework for assessing their performance.

Set clear expectations with each IBO. Expectations should be about sales targets as well as sales processes. You should get on a video call with your remote team members at least once to talk about basic ground rules on how to find leads, what to do when cold calling prospects, how to follow-up, and so on. This ensures that every team member is clear about the overall goals, priorities, and targets of the group.

Let your team know that you are willing to get on a Zoom call to clarify any doubts. Your team members should not hesitate to reach out to you. A remote sales team gives you the advantage of building a sales presence in different cities. And if you do a few things right, it is not too hard to manage it.

Encourage smooth communication and collaboration between team members, create efficient processes, set accurate goals, build trust and be available. That is all you need to see your teams’ performance accelerate.