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A sales coaching/training contract would start as:

Meeting with Sales Manager/Owner to agree objectives, targets etc.

Session 1: With each sales staff there will be a 1 hour meeting, this will be to:

a) Assess current knowledge and skills of selling relative to market and company.

b) Ascertain personal S.M.A.R.T. Goals and recording of them.

c) Ascertain key motivational triggers.

Agreement with individual and Sales Manager of the goals /targets.

Session 2: There will then be weekly sessions the format of which will be:

a) Track progress and analyse successes and failures.

b) Training on key skills needed to reach next level of performance.

c) Motivation, fire up.

Performance results to be emailed to sales coach at end of each week.

Weekly Teleclass Training Sessions of one hour duration. This will follow our certificated programmes. The first 8 results in the issue of our Sales Competence Certificate. The following 12 the Advanced Selling Certificate. Verification that the sales staff has practically achieved are also required for certification.

Recorded calls will be analysed and returns with suggestions as to improvement.

Advice Line. Sales staff can directly email for advice on a specific situations that came up.

The sales skills taught would include the basics, opening, objection handling, closing specific to the market. Then more advanced language, NLP techniques, negotiation, decision making and motivational material.

All materials are written and designed by Alex McMillan who is a qualified teacher, Certified NLP Trainer and author of seven books including Advanced Selling for Beginners which is the book behind the certification programmes. All coaches will be suitably qualified and experienced.

The cost is a fixed fee per person + VAT in advance per month. One month’s termination. No extra charges for issue of certificates. After month 1 it can move to a results only formula and include recruitment services.

Alternatively the Sales Training programme can be ran live face to face and bespoke to client market. This can be ran in half day, whole days or weekends utilised. Each of the twenty modules is a half day programme.

For further information please ring 0203-675-9099 or email now.