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1: Calibrating Prospect Mood Over the Telephone

1. Get in groups of three and designate roles A, B and C.
A Detective. B Prospective customer. C Sales Person.

2. B selects secretly three different intense buying experiences. (nervousness, elation, doubt, anticipation, pensiveness, decisive etc etc).  Numbers them 1,2,3.

3. Then B accesses each in turn stating which number and plays himself as a prospect in that state of mind. Make sure B has got truly into this state of mind perhaps by reliving a previous time when this feeling occurred.

4. C sells to B sat or standing back to back. ( so that body language does not influence).

5. A watches and listens for, skin colour changes, size of lower lip, breathing, posture, eye movements, head movements, twitches etc as well as the content and tone of what is being said.

6. B repeats for role 2 and 3.

7. A asks C what s/he noticed in the three role plays and discusses. What was observed and what did C do differently? Exercise will improve observation and listening skills.