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1: Objective: Flexibility to Develop Rapport

The purpose of this exercise is to practice changing body posture, words spoken and tone of voice to match that of whom you are communicating with.

The group can choose its own content.

1. A faces B, C, D etc in a line, like soldiers on parade.

2. A opens communication with B pitching your product, starting by mirroring body posture then language and tonality. When good trainer moves A to next person.

3. A now holds a flowing conversation with B, C and D in turn, mirroring each in turn and regularly changing from one to the other. B, C and D can help the flow and changes by asking questions of A.

4. Now get B, C, D etc in turn to be the person making the sales pitches.

Emphasize how mirroring on any level develops rapport and you need to change your style to match each person spoken to.



Exercise 2: Mirroring to develop rapport.

Get your sales team standing back to back.

Get them to pitch to each other in turn focused on copying as many of the words of the prospect as possible whilst making a sales pitch.



Exercise 3: Match And Mismatch Sensory Systems (Visual, Sounds, Feelings).

  1. Get into twos. One play sales person, one play prospect.
  2. Do not let person playing prospect next part of this exercise.
  3. Establish what theirs preferred system, is covertly.

Ask them questions of a general rapport building nature and note the most sensory words they use: visual, sounds or feelings. For example, beautiful, loud, grasp for example. (See full list under Sales Materials, Listen and Learn).

  1. Sales person the pitches to them using the same sensory system, i.e. using visual words to a visual. Then s/he pitches using their lowest sensory system.
  2. Sales person asks prospect which pitch sold best.
  3. Discuss value of talking to a prospect in the language they understand.


Exercise 4: Rapport Circuit Training.

Explain the basic principles of mirroring to develop rapport.

Then go through the following five exercises in twos to let them focus on different aspects of their communication. Each exercise as you will see gets progressively harder.

Rapport: By body language.

Rapport: By tonality.

Rapport : By words.

Rapport : By beliefs, values, identity.

Rapport : By decision making styles.


  1. Working to even numbers line them up facing each other and for each exercise move one of the lines along one so that each as multiple experiences.