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1: Meaning of the objection
Many sales people make the mistake of having standard answers to all objections. The weakness of this approach is that it assumes the objection is made with one meaning only. Get your team to state the objection they hear and then analyse what might be behind the objection. Then and only then think of different appropriate responses to each one. Below is an example.

“Your Price Is Too High” What does this mean?
1. Not getting value for money.
2. Wants something for nothing.
3. Does not know what prices involve.
4. Thinks he cannot afford it.
5. He can get same service cheaper.
6. Has not made comparisons.
7. Out for a discount.
8. It is his job to say that.
9. Wants to know more.
10. First thing that comes to his head.
11. Has a fixed rate on his mind.
12. Previous quote was cheaper.
13. Has a very ‘thrifty ‘ sense of values.
14. Bad experience of service.
15. Red Herring to test your reaction.

2: Different Ways to handle an objection, depending on what was behind the objection.

OBJECTION: It is difficult to change my current habits.

REDEFINE: It is not really difficult, it just requires thinking through.

POSITIVE INTENTION: You will carefully consider all the implications before making a change then.

COUNTER EXAMPLE: Has any successful change you have made not been difficult in some way.

PARALLEL STORY: I found it very difficult to stop smoking and this made it even more satisfying when I accomplished it. It became easy when I looked for people who found it difficult but succeeded, and I asked them what they did.

ONE VIEW OF THE WORLD: That’s your current belief, in reality I suspect you will find it surprisingly easy.

CHANGE THE TIME FRAME: With hindsight haven’t many previous changes turned out easier than you thought.

APPLY TO SELF: Believing that is the only real difficulty. Don’t you agree ?

LEVEL UP: Most worthwhile changes are difficult.

LEVEL DOWN: Only the first step is difficult.

ELICIT VALUES/CRITERIA: What is important to you in making the change ?

SET A FURTHER OBJECTIVE: It is difficult to imagine just how incredible life will be following the changes.

POSITIVE CONSEQUENCE: That is good as it makes sure that useful habits once installed are kept in tact.

NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCE: Then you may have many current habits that are holding you back.