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1: Firing Up the team

1. Tell your sales team to stand.
2. Tell them to adopt the body language as if the following were true. (Use a tone of voice that suggests the ‘state’ being mimicked.)
a) Pensive, thoughtful.
b) Rejected, disappointed
c) Relaxed, peaceful
d) Fired Up, Ecstatic, Fantastic, Achieving.

3. Now tell them that you only want to see body language in the office this is a sales floor, keep the other ones for outside of work!

4. Now repeat d) but get them moving quickly around the office, shouting out ‘Fantastic’.

5. Tell them every time in working hours someone asks them how they are they must say ‘Fantastic’ in the most positive tone they can.

6. Set an end of day prize for whoever seemed the most Fired Up and positive during the day.

7. In this state get them straight on the phone!