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1: Closing by changing the time frame.

The future is uncertain, the past is known tangible, fact, the present is where decisions and actions are made. By using the right tense in a closing sequence can lead a prospect gently to a decision. Below is a simple and advanced example. Depending on level get your sales team to identify a closing script and then practice its use.

1. Pace: Present I can see that is a problem.
2. Shift: Past Wasn’t it?
3. Shift: Future And you will feel more comfortable about it because of the experience.
4. Shift: Present Don’t you now.

1.Pace: Present That is a real obstacle.
2.Shift: Past the first time it happened, wasn’t it.
3.Shift: Past and you can have had other times that this has happened.
4. Shift: Past Observer and still progressed to other things.
5. Shift: Past/Future positive feeling better afterwards.
6. Shift: Future Observer and you will benefit from those experiences.
7. Shift: Future positive feeling more confident
8. Shift: Present positive as you are now.