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1: Reading and Calibrating Body Talk.

1. In your training group ask for a volunteer. Ask them to face the group slightly to the left. From this position ask them to say a statement about themselves which is true and not known to the group. I.e. ‘I started school in Cyprus’.
2. Now ask the same person to move to right of group and say something that is not true.
3. Ask the main group if they noticed the body language signals that identified the true and false statements, but do not hold a discussion.
4. Now ask the same person to stand in the centre of the group and say something that is either true or false.
5. Tell the  main group now put up their hand if they think it was true or false.
6. Discuss and repeat exercise until sales team develop observational skills reading the body language accurately. Use different speakers.


2: Observing Eye and Head Movements.

Put three people in a row of chairs.  Tell them they are going to be asked some questions, they just need to answer them in their own mind.

  1. Brief group, without the three knowing, that they are to watch for eye and head movements on each question.  They are looking for sensory cues, body language movements that suggest Visual, Sounds or Feelings are being accessed.  Observe if there are clear differences in body language according to what sense is being accessed.
  2. Ask the following questions.


What colour is your favourite shirt ?
When was the last time you saw your car ?
Describe your dream house ?
Imagine yourself ten years from now.
Imagine a purple elephant with flashing light ears.



How does laughing feel ?
Are Your feet warm ?
How does it feel to receive a surprise present ?
What is your first drink on a saturday night like ?
What make you happiest ?



How does Pavorotti sound to you ?
How do you differentiate between a dog barking and a cat whining?
Who did you speak to the last time that you were on the telephone?
What does your favourite person’s voice sound like?
Say your name backwards loudly.


  1. There will be clear body language differences in the respondents.