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How do you measure success of a personal development programme?

  1. Increase sales.
  2. Increase staff retention of the good ones.
  3. The non performing ones leaving.
  4. A buzz in the office.
  5. Phone usage being the same as when the Manager is in or out of the office.
  6. A belief in what you are selling and its potential.

For sales development programmes to succeed you need a success formula.

  1. Have a good product or service to sell with a clear margin and market.
  2. Have an incentives package that really does incentivise.
  3. Realise that incentives and commission is not your motivational policy alone.
  4. Recruit or have a quality Sales Manager.
  5. Recruit quality potential sales superstars.

You need all of the above to make a personal development programme an investment with a great, repeating and growing return. Assuming the above by looking as the success of many companies the following formula is clearly a winning one.

  1. Recruit fresh sales potential over the industry experienced.  That way you can induct them in your way of doing things.
  2. Have an initial induction training programme for new starters in week one.  Start with products and then how to sell those products.  This will also give a confidence boost.
  3. The Sales Manager runs a short session at the start of each morning.

This can vary in format and should involve.

  1. Goals focus for the day. (For the week on Monday)
  2. Recognition of those who achieved yesterdays goals.
  3. One sales technique to focus on.
  4. A Fire Up, to get them positive and motivated.

Then get them to hit the phone with real energy and passion. This section contains a number of exercises to pull from each day with clear notes on delivery and the main objective. To discuss how we may coach your Managers in delivery please call our main switchboard on 0203-6759099 or email