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How To Teach Listening

We all agree that listening is one of the key skills of any sales professional. How can you make a pitch if you have not tailored it to the needs of the prospect.
Take your team to a quiet place and instruct them to maintain silence and write down the 20 distinct sounds they can hear. By saying 20 you are setting up the belief there are 20. They will strain to pick up sounds, which is a good focus for them. Then convert this to a more realistic scenario. Talk for 5 minutes as though you were a prospect and tell them to write down the 20 things that they heard that can be used to close a sale. As they are not having to say anything, they do not have to think and can concentrate on listening. The group will have different results and the lower scorers will learn about how much they miss.

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The Challenge of Communication

The human brain can be seen as a very advanced form of computer.  Unfortunately though we are not given a user manual.  There are four reasons why communication between our sophisticated computers can so easily break down.

1. Programmes from birth (values, beliefs, learning) all different and often conflict.
EG: Son, don‘t talk to strangers.  Later try to make new friends.  Urghhh.

2. We have too much data around us, so we cut the vast majority out by using filters.  In short we Generalise, Distort and Delete the world around us producing a totally different result from each other.

3. We develop a sensory preferred language and think and talk in it.  Pictures, Sounds And Feelings.

4. If the above is not enough.  Everything that we think and experience internally both consciously and unconsciously is communicated non verbally.

The result is that we are all talking completely different languages to each other, from the basis of a completely different model‘ of the world.  Our behaviour is not based on reality‘ but our internal representations of reality.   Just say one word to people and ask them to record what they see, hear and feel internally.  Notice how everybody‘s experience is different.