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Sales Staff Retention Secrets

Good successful sales candidates are hard to find which is why Success Moves is never short of business. At interview you will find there is a very limited number of those that are good now looking for a move. A bigger population is those that can be developed to be good sales people. Many try […]

How to Recruit Sales People That Can Close

Companies regularly ask us our advice on teaching their sales people how to close deals. We also get much feedback from the market generally saying that few of the people that they recruited into trainee sales roles can progress to close deals. Many start as ‘account openers’ where the emphasis is on rapport and ice […]

How To Teach Listening

We all agree that listening is one of the key skills of any sales professional. How can you make a pitch if you have not tailored it to the needs of the prospect. Take your team to a quiet place and instruct them to maintain silence and write down the 20 distinct sounds they can […]

Teach to Sell, Don’t Tell

Training is only of value when your sales people learn AND apply what they have learnt. Learning is as big a subject as sales. Yes, you might have the experience in the job but what do you know about learning and teaching. Telling isn’t selling and certainly isn’t teaching. Good sales training is when you […]

Peak Performance Selling

To truly reach our potential we have to continually strive to improve. There are limited hours in the day and you are probably already working your team quite hard. You therefore have the choices of recruiting new people and/or improving the productivity of the current team. In practice I have found that improving the current […]

Recruiting and Retaining Sales Staff for your company

Companies when they recruit a new team are concerned about how much they may pay for recruitment and training and then the new person drops out without making a deal demanding payment.  This not an investment but a big loss. So company managers are increasingly asking recruiters for guarantees or replacements.  The recruiter of course […]