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Background for Success Moves Candidates to the advanced program.

Firstly, high income can be achieved in sales by applying the basic principles (Modules 1-8) fluently and professionally. Those wishing to develop their sales income should master these basic techniques not just have a skill at them. Being able to apply techniques is a world away from a thorough knowledge of them. In sales we are not looking to pass exams, we have to apply the techniques in real time. We don’t have time to refer to notes or stop the prospect and research the best response.

Many sales professionals fall prey to attempting to know as many sales techniques as they can. At the end of the day the measure of how good you have mastered sales techniques is measured very simply in your sales results and personal income. If you are not earning high income, you are either in the wrong company selling the wrong products or not selling effectively. Identify which it is and rectify it.  Many people who come through our doors are not sales professionals. They are, for example, people who have started their own business and need to sell. Often surprisingly they do very well as they don’t come over as sales people and meet better reception. Often they will fear selling and go for softer options.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programme Techniques are taught in this section and it is important to explain their role in selling. NLP has some very advanced communication techniques, most of whom are too advanced for selling. It just isn’t that complex. They ask for sales NLP techniques to get people to buy. They request learning on how to ‘embed commands’ for example. If you need this level of technique to sell your products then there is something lacking in your products. First you should always have passionate belief yourself in the product. That will make you come over itself with a passion, enthusiasm manifested through an upbeat tone of voice and attitude. NLP is more useful in salling working at the level of the communication you have with yourself, not the prospect. So often the real question is, “What is it that you are doing to stop more people to buy from you?” I see and hear so many sales lost before the sales person even picks up the phone!

So to continue to the Advanced programme you should have:
1. Achieved a pass at all of the first 8 Modules and received the basic certificate.
2. Be earning at least £5,000 per month.
3. Ready to increase your income substantially.
You may have many goals. We believe that the key one is money or what you can buy with it. So the certification programme has been focused primarily on helping money motivated sales people. It id focused on the ambitious who are or certainly expect to be earning in six figure.
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