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Module 7:  Decision Making Styles and Closing

Overview of Module Objectives:

Appreciation and application of different decision making styles in prospects and thus the most appropriate way to close deals of benefit to the customer.

  Candidates will understand and have basic competency applying. Methods and Resources Activity and Assessment Manager Sign
1. The three most important things a client is looking for Interactive Talk    
2. Matching needs to Benefits Lecture Practice makes Perfect  
3. Test Closing Interactive Talk    
4. Asking for It! Interactive Talk 6 Closes written test  
5. Assumptions and Alternatives Interactive Talk    
6. Closing Questions Interactive Talk Role-play exercises  
7. The Ten Types of Decision Making Style Interactive Talk Attend Session  
8. The Close starts at the Open Summary Talk Role play  

Task or Other Activity to be Completed.


a)      Satisfactory participation on training course.

b)      Satisfactory participation in discussion on ‘10 Principles of Best Practice’.

c)      Manager verification of attaining required standard in each task.

Module completed to satisfaction

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Module 7 Handout : Decision Making Styles and Closing

Principles of Best Practice

1. Knowledge becomes deals when it is actioned upon.

2.  A close is complete when the cash has cleared.

3. Ask for a deal and keep asking for it.

4. Act as if they have made the decision to buy already (assumptive close).

5. Offer two alternatives (the alternative close).

6.  Don’t let them think about it and get back to you, it will go cold.

7. Train them to say yes, repeatedly then ask them to buy. (The Yes Set).

8.  Imply urgency. Prices are set to rise, limited availability.

9. “On a scale of 1 to 10 how near are you to a decision” followed by homing in on the why of the remaining gap.

10. Strike whilst the iron is hot.