Module 6: Spinning and Objection Handling

To take the days headlines and spin it to a selling line from your product. Answering any question a prospect might have in way that makes them want to buy more.

  Candidates will understand and have basic competency applying. Methods and Resources Activity and Assessment Manager Sign
1. Constant good news. Interactive Talk Attend Session  
2. Silver Linings. Lecture Participation in discussion  
3. 12 Reasons why any news is Good News. Interactive Talk Role-play  
4. 12 Reasons why any news is Bad News. Interactive Talk Role-play  
5. Any statement what are the 12 things it might mean. Lecture Role-Play  
6. An appropriate response to each of the 12. Lecture Role-Play  
7. The 12 Objections that repeatedly come up. Lecture Role-Play  
8. Exactly Lecture Role-Play  
9. Pre-empting Objections in Your Pitch. Lecture Role-Play  

Task or Other Activity to be Completed.

a)      Satisfactory participation on training course.

b)      Satisfactory participation in discussion on ‘10 Principles of Best Practice’.

c)      Manager verification of attaining required standard in each task.

d)     Delegates must take five headlines write them down and propose a spin based upon them.

e)      Two examples of using spinning.

f)       Two examples of using objection handling.

Module completed to satisfaction

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Module 6 Handout:  Pitching, Spinning and Objection Handling

Principles of Best Practice

1. Replace neutral or negative words like recession, loss, risk, with positive ones like (fantastic, enhanced, added, massive, phenomenal, improved, promoted, high return).

2. Use back the positive words that the prospect uses.

3. They will pick up on the enthusiasm, passion and belief of what you say and buy into it even if you are talking bull****.

4. Ask yourself. “What or who can help me in this to get a deal now?”

5. Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.

6. The best objection handler is saying “Exactly” as soon as they object. It throws them off guard and lets them know you know of it and there is a possible side to it.

7. Do they have a ‘significant other’ that will influence their decision?

8. Make sure any doubts, concerns are addressed fully.

9. Never just handle objections turn them into benefits.

10. Never leave their office until you reach your goal.