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To truly reach our potential we have to continually strive to improve. There are limited hours in the day and you are probably already working your team quite hard. You therefore have the choices of recruiting new people and/or improving the productivity of the current team.
In practice I have found that improving the current team performance is the first thing as otherwise new people will take on board the bad or limiting habits of the current team.
There are three areas to improve the performance of people.
1. Clearer meaningful goals.
2. Sales skills
3. Confidence, passion, determination, attitude.
Most Managers and most sales training companies focus on 2 alone. Recruitment agencies want you to recruit before you have developed your current team. If a person does not have clear goals that motivate them with a passion then they will have limited success. They may not even be in the right job. Once you have this sorted, they need sales skills. This is perhaps the easiest part. If someone has clear goals then learning sales skills they will see as the path to their success.
Then comes the area of biggest challenges. So often we have seen people with 1 and 2 and they just lack confidence or self-esteem. There are many ways to address this but the first key thing is to recognise that this is the problem. Is this of interest? If so let me know and I will populate this website with support materials.
Remember we often seen a team of ten productive sales professionals do more figures than a team of 30 in a competitor. And if someone joins each team, guess which team they will become a peak performer in.

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