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New Behaviour Generator

The New Behaviour Generator is a NLP strategy for generating change in your own behaviour.  You can use it to generate completely new behaviours or to improve and reinforce existing ones.  it can also be used as a valuable learning strategy, allowing you to turn failure into feedback.

1. Choose new behaviour or context.

2. Choose your ‘role’ model.

3. Make a mental movie of your role model producing the new behaviours in the desired context.  Notice how people respond to them.  Change it until you like it.  Run it straight through to the happy ending.

4. When you are satisfied with the new behaviour(s), imagine yourself producing the new behaviours in the desired context.  Go through the same mental movie as your role model.  keep going until it looks and sounds good to you, and you are satisfied.

(Remember, it is unlikely to seem familiar yet.)

5. Step into the imaginary ‘movie’.  Run it through as though you are there doing it.  As you go through the motions, pay particular attention, both to your feelings and also to your responses of any other people around you.  Keep going until the behaviour begins to feel natural and/or familiar.

6. When you are happy with your performance and the feelings that accompany it, ask yourself ‘What signal will I see, hear, or feel, internally or externally, which will let me know that it is time to use this new behaviour ?’

7. Imagine the signal happening, you carry out your new behaviours and become aware of your feelings of satisfaction..  Run it through several times, until it becomes automatic.

The New Behaviour Generator is a formal way of saying ‘From the experience that you have just had, if you were going to attempt it again, what would you do differently ?’

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