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Module 13: Strong Closes and Decision Making Patterns 

Overview of Module Objectives:
Closes that cannot be reopened, that cater for anything that might influence the prospect during or after your phone call.  Spotting and utilising subtle and giveaway decision making patterns and utilising them accordingly.

  Candidates will understand and have basic competency applying. Methods and Resources Activity and Assessment Manager Sign
1. A Bird in the Hand is worth Ten in the Bush. Lecture Attend Session  
2. Do you prefer the assumptive or alternative close. Lecture Attend Session  
3. Key questions to ask.What do you need to know in order to invest now? Interactive Talk Written Test:  
4. Establishing needs.Needs will determine the process.Client prioritiesClient usual ways of recruiting. Interactive Talk Participate in discussion  
5. Establishing wants. What is a want compared to a need? Pinning them down. Interactive Talk Participate in discussion  
6. Finding something special to offer. If I offered you £20 notes for £15 each, how many would you want right now? Interactive Talk Participate in discussion  

Task or Other Activity to be Completed.


a)      Satisfactory attendance on training course.

b)      Satisfactory participation in discussion on ‘10 Principles of Best Practice’.

c)      Manager verification of attaining required standard in each task.

d)     Role play of strong closing.

Module completed to satisfaction

Signature:                                                                    Date:

Module 13 Handout :  Strong Secure Closes
Principles of Best Practice 

1. The best conversation is a fast one.

2. There is no such thing as a typical prospect.

3. “If I said I was selling £50 pound notes for £40 how many would you take right now? Exactly, and that is why I am ringing you.

4. Have a list of key questions beforehand to ask, that way you won’t forget to ask them.

5. Forget everything you know about what we are offering. Today’s winners need to think differently.

6.Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu

7.Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.” Warren Buffett

8.Is there anything at all you are unsure about?” Then address it and have a firm close.

9. Ask clients, ‘What is it the one thing that could be offered in order for you to decide today?’

10. Ask yourself, ‘What can I do or say to get a client to buy now?’